Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tcl and Multimedia

SnackAmp is a multi-platform music player with normal music player abilities, multi-user support, integrated web server, and a powerful AutoPlaylist feature. Currently mp3, wav, ogg vorbis, and many other sound files are supported. SnackAmp also plays mp3 and ogg streams and can act as a Icecast/Shoutcast compatible server for other stream clients. Both auto-leveling (normalization) and gapless playback are supported. Tcl/Tk scripts and stand-alone executables (for Windows and Linux)


mtvcontrol is an interface to the somewhat free audio/video mpeg player available from (so far only tested against the Solaris XIL version It allows basic pause and play, positioning in the file via the scrollbar, and some options. Audio does not cut off - this is only the case if you use the demo of MpegTV's (non-free) GUI.
mtvcontrol is currently the best free option I know of for a general Unix/Linux MPEG player capable of simultaneous audio and video

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